About Us

Sparkling gemstones & shiny metals for everyday special occasions

Do you love wearing something a bit different? Do you want jewellery that makes you feel beautiful?

I love creating accessories and jewellery that makes you feel gorgeous! Each piece is not only unique in terms of a design but every owner should know that there is an individual backstory, original design process and injection of love for both the craft and the pieces themselves. 

I’ve been obsessed with rocks and minerals since I was a small child and brought my love of gems to jewellery making in 2006. If it sparkles, I love it.

I started out first crafting bracelets, necklaces and earrings as gifts for friends and family. Growing in confidence due to wonderful feedback and repeat orders. I sought knowledge and experience; learning from local experts, evolving naturally into a variety of mediums and styles. 

Creating something that connects with a buyer means that they connect with me as each piece is made from my imagination and heart. 

I gain so much satisfaction and happiness in my work when I get to hear about how so many people truly are happy gifting a loved one or feel great wearing one of my pieces, that’s the pinnacle for me!

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