Anniversary Gift Guide for later Anniversaries: Part 3

Anniversary Gift Guide for later Anniversaries: Part 3

In our final instalment of our Anniversary Gemstone Gift Guide, we'll focus on the significant milestones from the 21st to the 50th anniversary. 

By now, your marriage has blossomed into a deep and enduring relationship, rich with shared memories and bound by love that has been tested and strengthened over time. Each of these milestones are represented by a gemstone that captures the essence of those years. These gems symbolize the beauty and rarity of your lasting commitment.

Discover the perfect Gemstone Anniversary Gifts to celebrate your love journey.


21st Anniversary: Iolite

The 21st anniversary is traditionally marked by iolite, a gem that exhibits varying shades of blue and violet depending on the angle. Known as the "Viking's compass," iolite symbolizes clear vision and guidance, reflecting the clarity and accumulated wisdom of over two decades together. A gift of iolite jewellery can signify your ongoing journey of navigating life's paths side by side.

Iolite Dangle Earrings in Gold Fill



Close up of black spinel bracelet

22nd Anniversary: Spinel

Spinel, with its array of colors, is celebrated for its beauty and rarity. This gemstone is a symbol of revitalization, which is perfect for the 22nd anniversary as it reflects a time to rejuvenate and reinforce the bonds of your relationship. Spinel’s vibrant energy can be a reminder of the vitality that continues to flourish between you and your partner.




23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz, known for its golden orange-pink hues, is often associated with luxury and opulence. Celebrating your 23rd anniversary with this stone signifies abundance and affluence in love, warmth, and affection that has deepened over the years. A piece of imperial topaz jewelry can express admiration for the enduring, precious nature of your relationship.


Tanzanite pearl drop earrings

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

Tanzanite, a deep blue and violet gemstone, is highly prized for its rarity and stunning beauty. It symbolizes the uniqueness of a 24-year-long relationship and the extraordinary journey you have shared. Gifting tanzanite on this anniversary can signify your appreciation for the one-of-a-kind love story that you both have created together.



25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

The 25th anniversary, also known as the Silver Jubilee, is a major milestone in marriage. Silver represents the brilliance and resilience of your relationship. Like silver, your marriage has gleamed through two and a half decades, reflecting the durability and shine of your enduring commitment. Celebrating with silver gifts, whether jewelry or keepsakes, highlights the radiance and the refined beauty of your long-lasting love.

Silver gold earrlings


Ruby Pearl bracelet

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Celebrating 30 years together with pearls symbolizes hidden beauty and wisdom that has grown and been cultivated through a lifetime of shared experiences. Pearls represent purity and endurance in love and partnership, perfect for marking this significant milestone. They serve as a reminder of the precious nature of a long, fruitful marriage.



35th Anniversary: Emerald

The 35th anniversary is symbolized by emerald, a gem that signifies renewal and growth. Emeralds, with their rich green hue, represent a flourishing relationship that continues to grow deeper and more vibrant with each passing year. Gifting an emerald on this occasion celebrates the evergreen nature of your love.

Raw emerald drop earrings


Ruby circle necklace

40th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee

The 40th anniversary is often referred to as the Ruby Jubilee, celebrating the fiery and passionate love that has sustained four decades. Ruby’s deep red symbolizes the heart’s eternal flame—a fitting tribute to a romantic commitment that burns as brightly as ever. Rubies are a testament to the strength and passion that your marriage continues to hold.



50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

The 50th anniversary, the Golden Jubilee, marks half a century of marriage with one of the most precious metals—gold. Gold represents the wisdom, strength, and prosperity of a 50-year-long relationship. It’s a celebration of a lifelong commitment that has proven to be as valuable and enduring as gold itself. A gift of gold on this milestone anniversary honours an exceptional achievement in marriage, commemorating a bond that is indeed a rare treasure.

Sapphire and Pearl Vermeil Bracelet - Marie Nicole Bijoux


These gemstones not only mark the passage of time but also symbolize the deepening of love, the overcoming of challenges, and the shared joys that each year brings. Whether it's the clarity of iolite, the rarity of tanzanite, or the enduring brilliance of gold, these gems offer a special way to honour the journey and commitment that define a lasting relationship.

Celebrate each anniversary with these treasures, and let them remind you of the precious moments and the enduring love that you continue to build together. Here's to more years of happiness and memorable celebrations with the perfect gemstone that tells your unique love story.

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