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The Next Chapter: More Gemstone Anniversary Gifts Explored

Welcome back to our sparkling series on gemstone anniversary gifts! In our previous post, we explored the symbolic gemstones for the first decade of marriage. As your journey together extends, celebrating each milestone becomes even more special.

In this follow-up, we'll uncover more gemstones for your Eleventh to Twentieth anniversaries, delving into their unique stories and the deep meanings behind them. Whether you're looking for a gift that symbolizes strength, hope, or renewal, this guide will help you find that perfect gemstone to honour your enduring commitment.

Are you ready to explore the next chapter of gemstone anniversary gifts? Let's dive in and discover the treasures that await in your continued celebration of love and marriage.


11th Anniversary: Turquoise

Turquoise, with its captivating sky-blue hue, is often associated with healing and protection. As you celebrate your 11th anniversary, this gem represents the security and comfort found in your marriage. Turquoise jewellery can be a beautiful and meaningful gift, symbolizing the unwavering support you provide each other as you continue to build your life together.

Woman wearing turquoise earring



12th Anniversary: Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a remarkable gem known for its colour-changing properties, shifting from green to red depending on the light. This rare gemstone symbolizes adaptability and the ability to thrive under different circumstances—perfect for marking 12 years of marriage. A piece of alexandrite jewellery serves as a reminder of how you and your partner have grown and changed together, adapting to life's challenges with grace.


Close up of Citrine stud earrings on a crystal

13th Anniversary: Citrine

Bright and cheerful, citrine is known as the "success stone," believed to bring prosperity and success. Celebrating your 13th anniversary with citrine reflects the joy and abundance you’ve cultivated in your relationship. It's a way to acknowledge the happiness and successes you have shared and look forward to future blessings.


Opal stud earrings close up

14th Anniversary: Opal

Opal is celebrated for its play of colour and mesmerizing patterns. Each opal is unique, just like each year you spend with your partner. Gifting opal on your 14th anniversary symbolises the beautiful diversity and colour that your partner brings into your life, reminding you of the unpredictable yet joyful journey of marriage.



15th Anniversary: Ruby

Ruby, with its deep red color, is one of the most traditional gifts for the 15th anniversary. It symbolizes passion, love, and enduring strength. A ruby gift is a powerful way to say that your love is as vibrant and strong as it was on your wedding day, if not more so.

Ruby circle earrings in close up


Peridot earrings in gold vermeil

16th Anniversary: Peridot

Peridot, with its light green hues, is believed to bring renewal and peace. Celebrating your 16th anniversary with peridot symbolizes a fresh chapter of growth and tranquility in your life together. It’s a beautiful reminder of the peaceful harmony you’ve established over the years.



17th Anniversary: Watches

While not a gemstone, watches are a traditional 17th-anniversary gift that symbolizes the precious time you've shared and the years yet to come. Choosing a watch for your partner can be a reflection of your life together, marking every moment with gratitude and forward-looking anticipation.



18th Anniversary: Cat's Eye

Cat’s Eye is known for its unique reflective quality and the band of light that moves across its surface. This gem is often associated with intuition and protection. Gifting a cat’s eye on your 18th anniversary symbolizes the wisdom and protection your relationship has provided over the years, looking both inward and forward.



19th Anniversary: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, with its soothing blue tones, represents serenity and clarity. For your 19th anniversary, aquamarine is a perfect symbol of a clear and calm relationship, mirroring the deep, tranquil waters of an enduring partnership. It’s a testament to a relationship that has grown clearer and stronger over time.

Aquamarine stud earrings close up


Emerald and pearl bracelet

20th Anniversary: Emerald

Celebrating two decades of marriage is a significant milestone, and the emerald is a stunning choice to mark this occasion. Known for its rich green hue, the emerald symbolizes rebirth and renewal. As you celebrate your 20th anniversary, an emerald signifies the continual renewal of your commitment to each other and the vibrant life you've created together.


As you continue to navigate the wonderful journey of marriage, each anniversary offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the growth, challenges, and triumphs you've shared. Selecting gemstones as anniversary gifts isn't just about beauty—it's about capturing the essence of each year spent together and the symbolic meanings these stones carry. From the protective skies of turquoise to the renewing depths of emerald, these gems offer a way to visually and emotionally express your love and commitment. Let each gemstone anniversary gift be a milestone marker, a treasure that reflects the enduring and evolving bond you cherish. Here’s to many more years of happiness, adorned with the perfect gems to match the occasion!

Look out for part three of our guide when we cover the truly momentous milestones.

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