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Amazing Amethyst - a brief guide to February's birthstone

There is more to Amethyst than meets the eye! 

The Amethyst popularly comes in various shades of purple and has been applauded in history for its timeless beauty and the powers to soothe and stimulate the mind and emotions. In ancient history, the amethyst was termed as the gem of fire, a precious stone worth more than diamonds.  It is an undeniably stunning and intriguing piece of jewelry, a must-have for people who like to stand out and take control. Legend has it that the energy that comes with this precious gem is immeasurable; it maintains its beauty in whatever form it possesses, be it natural, jewels, or polished stones. Jewelry made from amethyst is known to be strong and durable and is mostly pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.  This precious gem is often found in Africa and South America and comes at affordable prices.

Amethyst is uniquely themed to the month of February and is commonly referred to as the February birthstone. February is the Roman month dedicated to Neptune, a water god. It’s known as the stone of St. Valentine and pure, faithful love and signifies dignity.

The Amethyst is said to carry the energy of passion and fire, spirituality and creativity while bearing the logic of sobriety and temperance. The amethyst is the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially during the month of February, where lovers celebrate each other. It's a thoughtful gift for those whose birthdays are in February; get your loved one amethyst jewelry this month that represents their strength and passion.


Amethyst drop earrings

Amethyst is also said to heighten an individual's instincts, anciently referred to as the 'third eye'; it's considered to be a source of wisdom and power. The history of the Amethyst dates back to a strong maiden who was attacked by beasts on her way to worship, and she was saved by being turned into a clear white crystal. Bacchus was said to have poured wine into the crystal as a tribute which turned it purple. The month of February is all about celebrating strong and resilient individuals just like their birthstone.

Amethyst was also known for its healing and spiritual purposes. It was thought to rebuke evil thoughts and increase business-related intelligence.  

In the past, travelers wore amethyst as protection from surprise attacks and treachery. Soldiers going to the battlefield also wore amethyst to protect them from harm and grant them victory over their enemies. Amethyst is believed to be a powerful psychic gem used as protection against black magic and witchcraft; it was said that amethyst protected people from infections and diseases. The aura emanating from amethysts were said to purify negative energy and create a protective light shield around a person, enabling them to be clear and focuses spiritually. The idea of amethyst's spiritual powers originated from the Hebrews, who believed that the stone provided a connection to the divine. The Roman Catholic engraved Amethyst in prayer beads and rosaries for prayer purposes.  

Besides physical healing, amethysts were thought to provide emotional healing, especially when one is stressed, overwhelmed, or overworked. It was said to reduce mental anxieties, which cause headaches and physical tension, and easily calms hot-tempered individuals. Not only are amethysts used to celebrate loved ones in the month of February, but they are also used to offer comfort to those who have lost their loved ones.  Amethyst is believed to encourage the bereaved to release sorrow and find peace in a loved one's spirit. Some people refer to it as the soul stone because of its supposed ability to provide solace and comfort during difficult times. As a means of connecting with your birth month, February birthdays should be celebrated by amethysts jewelry as a symbol of love and strength.

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